Change to AstraZeneca vaccine dose interval

The Department of Health has today advised a change to the interval between AstraZeneca vaccine doses to support as many Victorians being fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

Effective as of 2 September 2021, the interval between Dose 1 and Dose 2 of the AstraZeneca vaccine will reduce from 12 weeks to 6 weeks.

  • This will apply both to people making new AstraZeneca bookings, and those with existing Dose 2 bookings.
  • No existing bookings will be proactively changed.  However, those who wish to cancel and rebook their second dose of AstraZeneca in order to bring it forward will be able to do so. This may result in additional demand for AstraZeneca over the next few weeks.
  • This change applies only to state-run vaccination centres.  A 12-week interval may continue to be applied to primary care GPs and pharmacies offering AstraZeneca.

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