Sandown Drive Through Vaccination Clinic to close 29 October

Since opening on 20 August 2021, the Sandown Drive Through Vaccination Clinic has supported many in the South East community and administered over 20,000 COVID-19 vaccinations. This is a wonderful achievement and outcome, protecting thousands from COVID-19.

Importantly, the Drive Through Clinic has provided greater access to vaccination for the South East. Monash Health’s South East Public Health Unit and its vaccination partners continue to open pop-up and mobile vaccination clinics, bringing the vaccine to local communities. With demand shifting from the Drive Through Clinic to our pop-up clinics, the Sandown Drive Through Vaccination Clinic will close on Friday 29 October.

Thank you to everyone who attended and has supported the Drive Through Clinic. Every single dose delivered of the 20,000+ vaccinations has contributed to Victoria’s reopening.

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For those with a disability and carers wanting information on vaccination and testing, please visit our information page.

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