Additional COVID-19 vaccination pathways for people with more complex needs

Vaccination is key to preventing serious illness and death from COVID-19, but we understand that mass vaccination centres may not be suitable for everyone in accessing the vaccine.

To support people with a disability, mental illness and those who suffer high levels of anxiety towards needles, Monash Health has developed additional pathways to support people receive their vaccination and be protected from COVID-19.

These pathways include vaccination clinics and pop-up clinics which offer low-sensory environments, additional space, longer appointments, and other accommodations to help and care for the person throughout their visit. You can read more about these options here.

Another option Monash Health provides to people who want to be vaccinated, but suffer higher levels of anxiety before and during the process, is vaccination with sedation. Monash Health’s sedation clinic is a result of collaboration between Monash Health’s Centre for Developmental Disability Health and Anaesthetics Department and provides a multi-level sedation pathway for people with more complex needs to receive their COVID-19 vaccination.

The Monash Health sedation clinic team works with the individual to provide tailored assistance to them, ensuring the sedation support is matched to the person’s specific needs.

Sedation assistance for vaccination access began following a successful pilot project for people with complex disabilities to receive interventions such as blood tests, immunisations, imaging, and oral health reviews.

To date, Monash Health’s sedation program has assisted over 200 people to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

To learn more and understand whether the sedation vaccination clinic is the best option for you, please contact or call (03) 9792 7984.

For other COVID-19 vaccination and testing pathway options for people with a disability, please visit our Information for people with a disability webpage.

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