Monash Health’s Clayton COVID-19 Screening Clinic to close

Monash Health’s Clayton COVID-19 Screening Clinic will close on 22 March 2022. Please note, the scaled down screening clinic site will continue to be operated by another provider.

Thank you to every person who has attended and contributed to making our Clayton Screening Clinic such a success in supporting the health and wellbeing of the community, with the clinic providing approximately 134,000 PCR tests and over 5,000 Rapid Antigen Tests since opening on 15 April 2020.

To find a COVID-19 testing clinic near you, please visit the Victorian Government’s Where to get tested webpage.

For those patients requiring a preadmission PCR, Monash Health will continue to operate the Carroll Lane COVID-19 Screening Clinic in Dandenong every day between 8am to 3pm.

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