Sandown Vaccination Centre to close on 28 June 2022

As we have always done with the COVID-19 Vaccination Program, Monash Health responds to the needs of the community.

Monash Health’s efforts to administer around 1 million COVID-19 vaccines has supported over 90% of those eligible in the community to be vaccinated and protected against COVID-19, resulting in a natural decrease in demand for vaccinations both in Monash Health’s vaccination clinics and across Victoria.

We also continue to see more GPs and pharmacies joining the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, ensuring there is excellent local access and supply across the south-east.

Therefore, there is a need to continue scaling down Monash Health’s vaccination clinics in response to changing community needs from our health service and increased local vaccine access through primary care.

As a result, the Sandown Racecourse COVID-19 Vaccination Centre in Springvale will close on 28 June 2022.

Importantly, this change will mean more of our vaccination team members can return to hospitals or other critical services to support patients and employees.

Opening on 19 May 2021, Sandown quickly became Victoria’s busiest COVID-19 vaccine clinic and has delivered over 486,000 COVID-19 vaccines, the most of any clinic in the State.

There will continue to be free and local access to the COVID-19 vaccine through Monash Health’s mobile vaccination clinics and the large network of GPs and pharmacies in the south-east and across Victoria.

Everyone can find their nearest and earliest COVID-19 vaccination appointment using the Vaccine Clinic Finder:

Thank you to everyone who has been vaccinated at our Sandown COVID-19 Vaccination Centre and to our amazing team who has made it possible.

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