Get involved in the Healthy Eating Competition

To celebrate Nutrition Australia’s ‘Healthy Lunchbox Week’, Monash Health is running a competition for all local clubs, services and community groups!

Did you know planning and packing a healthy lunch boosts your mood and helps line your pocket?

Research suggests planning healthy lunches can lower your stress, improve your work performance, help your bank balance and improve your overall nutrition.

Check out the below for some quick tips on how to achieve a healthy lunchbox:

  • Plan your lunches for the week by writing a matching shopping list so you have all the ingredients at your fingertips
  • Invest in a lunchbox and pack it the night before to store in the fridge, minimising preparation time the next morning
  • Get kids involved in packing their lunchbox so they are more likely to eat it
  • Portion healthy snacks in small containers, such as nuts, dip and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, baby corn, snack cucumbers and carrot sticks

For more tips about how to plan and pack a healthy lunchbox and find tasty lunch recipes, head to the Healthy Lunchbox Week website.

After being armed with the knowledge about how to pack a healthy lunchbox, why not enter the Healthy Lunchbox competition!

To enter, snap a picture of a home-prepared healthy lunch and email it to The competition will run until 9 March with winners announced on 14 March.

To find out more or enter the competition, head over to our Healthy Eating Competition page.

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