Time to get your 2023 COVID booster shot

The 2023 COVID booster dose is available for everyone aged 18 and above from 20 February, 2023.

Getting your bivalent booster dose remains the best way to prevent severe illness or hospitalisation. The 2023 booster dose is especially recommended for everyone aged 65 and above and those aged 18 and above with a disability or complex medical condition which can make them very sick with COVID.

For people 18 years and older, the bivalent vaccine can be chosen as the booster dose, which targets the original COVID-19 strain and omicron variant. The bivalent vaccine is the preferred vaccine for booster doses.

For those people who may need additional doses based on individual medical conditions, please speak with your healthcare professional for more information.

You can have your booster dose if your last dose or COVID infection was 6 or more months ago.  Get your next dose at your local pharmacy or GP – Find one near you using the Vaccine Clinic Finder.

If you have concerns about your health or getting the COVID-19 vaccine, you can speak to a GP or call the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a booster dose?

  • Most Victorians had their last COVID vaccination 6 months ago. Immunity wanes over time so your protection against the virus is low.
  • Getting your booster dose is like recharging your phone when the battery is low. Recharge your immunity with a booster dose and protect yourself before winter.

When can I get a 2023 booster dose?

  • Everyone aged 18 and over can get their 2023 booster dose 6 months after their previous dose or COVID-19 infection (whichever is later).Getting your bivalent booster dose remains the best way to prevent severe illness or hospitalisation, especially in people over 65 and those at higher risk of severe illness. Vaccines are available from 20 February and book your appointment now.   Children aged between 5 and 17 years can also consider a 2023 booster dose if they have a:
  • disability
  • severely compromised immune system
  • complex or multiple health conditions.

Can children under 5-years get their 2023 booster dose?

  • ATAGI doesn’t recommend that children under 5 get a booster dose. Children between 6 months and 5 years at risk of severe illness are eligible for two doses.

Which vaccine is available as a booster dose?

  • Bivalent vaccine is the preferred option for booster doses. Vaccine brands vary depending on your age. For booster doses:
  • children aged between 5 and 11 years can receive the Pfizer vaccine
  • children aged between 12 and 17 years can choose the Pfizer or Novavax vaccine
  • adults aged 18 years and older can choose the Pfizer, Pfizer bivalent, Moderna bivalent, Novavax or AstraZeneca vaccine.

Where can I get vaccinated? 

  • You can get your free COVID-19 vaccine at your local pharmacy or GP. Find one near your using the vaccine clinic finder.

Where can I go for more information?  

  • You can visit Get vaccinated for more information on COVID-19 vaccines.

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